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Oof. That's a tough one!

Let me get this straight: The plan is that neither you nor your spouse would work for almost two years, while raising a baby (congratulations, dad!), and then you would get a job in the highly competitive field of game development upon graduation and be mired in loan debt.

Honestly, if it were me, that's not the kind of risk I could handle. Unless you have some other major source of income, you are putting yourself up for several huge risks at once. One risk -- okay. Two risks -- that's iffy. But this is like four or five risks all mashed together.

Schools like Full Sail, where you get an 'accelerated eduation' as you put it, are not only demanding intellectually and financially, but they are full-time jobs in and of themselves. Full Sail will be a minimum 40-hour a week committment.

Full Sail students: Feel free to back me up here.

Another route you might consider: keep your job and your income and instead of pushing yourself through a demanding educational program, push yourself a few extra hours a week to put together a really strong resume and apply for game-related jobs near you that you might be qualified for. Some ideas: QA lead, sales or marketing at a publisher (you have a sales background already), community manager.
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