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Default Thanks for the response

Yes I do see your point. They did offer to hire my wife at Full Sail as she works part time now doing administrative work. I did not know this but they are the second largest employer in the Winterpark/Orlando area. That would help. Ill just say that if it is not IMPOSSIBLE I still may look into what I mentioned before. Comming from someone who already works 65+hours a week now, I would not mind the hours. I just do not like doing what I am doing now. At my age, I look ahead and see my future in the business I am in and it is not very fulfilling. I want to MAKE or CREATE something. I have a friend who with no prior experience went to full Sail for a Game Development degree and now works as a Lead Programmer for Kings Isle entertainment Inc. in Ausin. (He was supposed to be my roomate when I backed out and didnt go to school back then, and yes I am kicking myself)
Pulling 65,000 a year and loves it. I want that! Financially, I have checked and I will only have like 2000 a month from my loans to live on.
plus the money from my wife. It would be hard but it also should be worth it. You still think I am crazy?!? LOL maybe I am......
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