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Originally Posted by yaustar View Post
What happens if you can't find the job you want afterwards?
Consider that one carefully... I have a BSc (Honours) in Computer & Video Games development. During my final year I was the programmer on two contract games - one went on display at an exhibition for the "Cultural Capital of Europe", the other was an educational program used in schools throughout Austria. I graduated with a fairly good grade, thinking that getting a new full time job would be fairly easy with all of that... instead it was more than 8 months of constant applications before I landed a job in the industry, and even that was only as a minimum wage mobile games tester. Which took me 10 months to work my way out of, down into the programming team. In that position I worked on some pretty epic titles... Sonic the Hedgehog, several classic Atari games (super breakout, pong, asteroids deluxe), a Monkeyball game, 2 Lemmings games. but still... after leaving that job (the company was aquired, & they dropped all of the employees in our office) it took another 4 months to find a new job, and again that was only a 6 week testing job.

So you see even with experience, qualifications & a lot of contacts in the industry, you can still go for a long time where you can't get a job, or can't only get a low pay one. Plan for the very worst, hope for the very best.
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