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Five Faves? Let's do this! (No Particular Order)

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault - Easily the most jaw dropping and heart thumping game of it's time for me. Right off the bat, you're crammed in a tiny tin box and sailing away, explosions to the left and right, gunfire to the front... I was so freaked out I jumped off a dead guy and over the side.

Final Fantasy 6 - I loved the story, the characters, the reality of exploration, the score, the art, the systems. I also actually hated Kefka.

River City Ransom - It's my joy to say this is the best beat em up ever created. If you haven't played it, do it, somehow (Preferably legal, and I play this every sunday on my Wii if you want to come over)

Super Mario Bros 2 - In what everyone called a crazy copy of some other game (Doki Doki Panic I think) is one of my favorite Mario's mostly because of the neat art, warps, and most of all, Boss battles.

Dungeons And Dragons (Tabletop) - This is a game, just not really a video game. I enjoy imagination and whether I was Dungeon Master or Player, this was the ORIGINAL social experience and generated millions of quotable memories. Nothing has really topped this to date.

Feel free to grill me on any of those choices!
Tim Edwards
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