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1) Fire Emblem Path of Radiance. Great artwork, characters, interesting plot, fun game play found in all the series. PoR has the best of all I've played so far

2) Zelda Twilight Princess. I hated Windwaker, but I'm glad I have the series a second shot. Did everything right that Windwaker did wrong, the graphics and worlds are stunning, and Linky is so adorabibble as a wolf

3) Civilization III--Who doesn't want to conquer the world?

4) Pokemon Red--I love pokemon, what can I say? The newer pokemon games just don't seem to compare though, and they don't have the MissingNo# cheat either.

5) Egyptian Ratscrew--ok so it's a simple card game. But I get VERY violent when I play it. I'm surprised that videogames have gotten blamed for encouraging violence but this hasn't. I've bodyslammed, scratched, slapped, roared at etc people who've tried to slap that sandwich before me, I'm not going to lie.
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