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Hmmm I get a little skeptical when I hear "center".
What and where is this center if you don't mind me asking?

I'm just a student but here's my two and a half cents...

As someone said before, I think a lack of degree would seriouslly impede your chances. A degree to many businesses is sort of proof that you took action and completed an education and that you went through approved training in a sense. Of course you can make it with out one as my friend will be trying that route in graphic design. However I think you would need a very strong portfolio and passion to stand out. If you are going that route I would suggest you make sure you have a strong foundation in traditional media and fine arts as well.

A lot of business screen through resumes (so with out a portfolio) so even with a strong portfolio it will be assumingly tough. You would have to do a lot of networking and build a strong resume based on companies you've worked for.

Mohales Deis
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