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Most company sites should have a contact number to call (maybe it is different in the US), if that fails then keep sending emails every several days or week till you get a response.

Definitely add some 3DS Max work as similar tools are commonly used in the industry. Wire frame renders would be useful to see how the model is constructed.

The 2D section isn't fantastic and I would remove it unless you have something much better to show.

What I didn't mention before is your resume, the sections seem to be in the wrong order. Since you are a recent graduate, your education information is most important and should be first.

Proposed order:
Work History
Software (probably should be part of skills)

Your current 'Qualifications' are not qualifications and are at best, skills. Traditional and CG Art should go into the Skills section and everything else in that list should be removed and be mentioned in the covering letter instead.
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