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I think everyone has had doubts about their program, Tim. I certainly have. What you have to realize is that very rarely is a school program going to give you something 100% new; something you didn't possess - at least in part - before. And certainly not something you couldn't get for free elsewhere, in terms of training and education.

But the main thing a college degree teaches you is the value of hard work, perseverance, and finishing what you start. I barely graduated high school, but have learned to use my passion to help motivate me. That's what my program has taught me most - that if I want something, I can absolutely get it; I just have to work for it.

Sure it's a bit corny, but look a bit deeper. Do you have something now that you didn't have before, aside from knowledge of Max, and some debt?

As for Max, I'd just start off by looking for tutorials on the web. Have you visited 3DTotal?
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