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I have checked out tutorials online. The part that is bugging me is when I'm trying to follow a car modelling tutorial, I find myself asking, "Why did they put that there?" "How did they work that flow into the design?" and the questions keep coming... but now there is no one to answer my questions really like I had while taking my course.

One of my friends told me about Animation Mentor, but again that is so expensive. I can't justify shelling out that much cash in general, but especially in mid move across the country.

Other than beginner's knowledge of Max... I honestly can't say I learned any more than that. The thing is I was already working full time and decided to do school in my spare time. Prior to this I made my attempt at Computer Science to which bored me to sleep. There hasn't been a time where I wasn't working and trying to do school at the same time. So all I really learned was my limit. I can't do 2 full time (or more) things for a year straight.

I suppose the only reason I feel very shaken in my degree's credibility is mostly due to the marks I received and the other projects I've seen from students in the same program only a few months later. It's frustrating to know I got great marks, but I don't compare to someone else who obviously excelled. It was like seeing the difference between night and day for the first time and understanding what you see. I feel like I received the destination to which to travel and the tools to travel with... but no actual road or directions to travel with. Those it seems will be an extra investment.

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