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Well number one, thanks a lot Geffex, that makes a whole lot of sense... and I suppose with most art if I try and do it someone else's way, it's not my own. I need to develop my own style and not be afraid to experiment. Makes perfect sense.

It definately shows that you talk from experience. I suppose this definately would be the largest learning curve getting to know your own models and getting them to do what you want them to.

I did just finish my degree and am now experimenting with it. I mean there was one assignment, a house, where they gave us a floor plan for 2 levels and a painting of what the house should look like in 3d after textures. That was one assignment where I believe I went from complete beginner to the start of intermediate. Now intermediate is where I definately believe I am stuck.

Also, I assume there are things like Polygon limits and things like that in the industry, but I've never heard of them... any one know where I can find out about them?

Oh and thanks again Geffex for the kind and seriously inspirational words.

Tim Edwards
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