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Default Aspiring Women Game Artists Scholarship

Another related but separate contest here for women interested in a scholarship to a game art school. If anyone has any questions, I can get you in touch with the right people!

Notes on Game Dev invites all women aspiring game artists to submit an
essay to the 2008 NoGD Aspiring Women Game Artists Competition for a
chance at a full time scholarship to Sessions Online School of Game
Art. Sessions Online School of Game Art, an accredited online program
that can be accessed anywhere, wants to provide education to women and
diversify the industry. Students leave the program with a strong
portfolio and reel reviewed by faculty and industry professionals
before graduation.

Entries are due June 20 and will be judged by female leaders in game
art and education including Heather Kelley, Sheri Graner Ray, and
Cristin McKee. Prizes to be provided by Sessions Online School of Game
Art, IGDA, and Game Developer Magazine.

For more information, visit Notes on Game Dev Awards
Beth A. Dillon
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