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Default Degree or diploma in journalism?

My goal is to become a video game journalist for a large company like Ziff Davis. I'm 19 (about to turn 20 in a couple of months). I read a few articles about VG journalists and what education you should have. Although most of them said education is not ESSENTIAL, a degree in journalism would help. That's the part I'm worrying about. Right now I can't go to university because I'm missing 1 university credit from high school, so I'd have to wait a year to get that missing credit and apply for 2009 journalism classes. HOWEVER, I could take a college journalism course (3 years long) and get an advanced diploma. What I'm wondering is how much a diploma will be enough, and if it's the same as a degree.

So should I stop waiting and take this college program and get an advanced diploma, or bite the bullet and take the university program and get a degree?
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