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Originally Posted by DjWeston View Post
Funny, I've never heard anyone be called a "Geek" before but I have heard "Nerd". In my area, Geek isn't a title it's a verb. Like if I go off on a tangent about how awesome something is, no matter what it is, someone will say i'm getting geeky on it. No one has heard the word used this way besides me?
Nope and don't intend to .

here Geek is a title and noun.
I've been called a geek a few times and I consider my self to be part geek/dork. A hard thing to be where I'm from but I where the title proudly. You're likely to hear me talking in depth about philosophy, a game, a comic, or an anime while listening to Dr. Dre with my du-rag on. A look at my room and you'll probably get a little confused.
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