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Default Writers wanted for reviews and overall industry speculation

GameZig is only a few months old and as of now I am the only author but I would like to invite people aspiring to be game journalists to come and write for our site. You have complete freedom of what niche you would like to write about, whether it be reviews for mmo's, fps or strategy games (or others) or if you would like to write bits on the industry of gaming in general - it's up to you as long as it's somehow related to the gaming industry.

I'm offering complete freedom of game topic with full author credit - meaning your name on the stories and an optional signature at the bottom of the post leading to your site or email. I currently only cover the games I play or played and the titles I'm personally looking forward to as well as my opinions on where different titles are going. But there are so many titles out there that I can't cover them all - feel free to stop by the site and have a look.

PS - I've started a forum in the past week or so as well and as traffic grows I'm going to need forum moderators - my authors will be my first choice - let me know if you are interested!

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