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Originally Posted by The Jedi Pirate View Post
When I was a kid, I used to play a game with my folks whenever we went out to eat. While we waited for our food, each of us would take turns saying the name of a country, city, state, or something along those lines. You start off with one, let's say for example, Alabama. The next person had to say a name that started with the last letter of the previous word. It was always really interesting to see how far we could go.
We use to play that too! Until we found out it's Shiritori xD (or the Russian equivalent). Very fun game back then, not to mention all of us managed to ace world, american and canadian geography. Infinite Word Ladder was fun too. Use a 4 letter word (because we were kids and our english vocabulary wasn't that great xP) and change a letter of the word each time.
Cake > Lake > Late > Mate > Matt > Mast > Cast > Case > Vase > Vast > Vest > Test > Pest > Post > Most > Moss > Loss > Toss > Toes > Tons > Tone > Cone > Cane > Mane > Dane > etc....
Kept us going for a while.....
By the time we were grade 4-5, we were reading the old edition of LoTR (think it was the 1964 edition). Wish they would teach kids these games nowadays instead of sticking them in front of the TV/Computer/etc....
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