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The only problem I have with torque is that it is built more toward 2d games then 3d games. Yes it has the capabilities but it's just harder. Also TorqueX (the XBox360 version) uses XNA framework. XNA also is not out of beta so is missing a lot as well.

I am actually looking into the viscous Engine some more and what it takes to program cross platform. It looks like it's mostly scripts but that would be limiting. I got in contact with them and have received a bunch of documentation I will go over tonight.

Actually on a lighter note, What about Flash. It is being incorporated into everything now a day. Adobe Flash CS3 ships with flash light 1.1. This is compatible with newer cellular phones and has a bunch of cellular emulators with it. It's not going to beat J2ME anytime soon but if you want a foot in the door that might be a viable option. I'm making a game demo with it for a meeting on the 19th in the Vortex Competition. we are in the finals.:P
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