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Hi all, I'm a recent graduate of The Art Institute Online's Game Art and Design Degree (2006) and would caution you against taking it as your first option.

Be advised that you will be on your own for most of this journey, be it gathering up software for use in class, paying full tuition prices even though you're not using onsite facilities like AIP student are and your guidance counselors will change about every four months or so (very frustrating to reintroduce yourself and your unique situation every time you call or email someone). That was not limited to just my experience - had a brother and a good friend together experience similar angst at this program.

If I could do it all over again, I would have tried Full Sail in Florida, SMU Guildhall in Texas or DigiPen in Washington.

AIO wins by having their program online, but if you can be onsite with instructors and classmates, you'll find yourself having a much fulfilling experience.
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