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Like yourself, I have entered the game industry after working as a consultant in the IT industry for a number of years now.
why aren't more game studios moving toward remote workers?
From what I have seen game development is heavily dependent on the team dynamics and co-operation, more so than any IT project I have ever worked on. In fact, its much closer to the construction projects I have worked on in the building industry. This is a complicating factor in developing the project, things are very fluid at many stages in the project and its possible that savings you would make from having remote developers would be offset by the extra cost from having to either heavily document all requirements, or doing remedial work.

I understand that, particulary in Japan, outsourcing occurs for many large projects. However this is one studio contracting another studio to do complete bodies of work - not a studio outsourcing for one person to complete a part of it. I have heard a number of people speculate that outsourcing will continue to grow as an option. This will result in studios having a core of maybe 30-50 people, and then hiring on contract personnel (or contracting entire segments) and/or other companies bringing the surge group of personnel up to 100 or so for the big RPGs.
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