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In no particular order:
  1. Dungeons and Dragons I cut my teeth as a gamer on the purple box set of D&D Basic in about 1981. Since then I have played it many incarnations (AD&D, 2ed, 3.x, Baldur's Gate (PC & PST), Neverwinter Nights), and though I take breaks from it, I always return to it with a smile.

  2. Civilization II After this game came out, I lost 1.5 points of GPA. *frowns*

  3. Operation Flashpoint: Elite I'll be among the first to admit the graphics weren't on par with its contemporary releases, but the depth to the game was staggering to think about. I'll just say this -- the constellations changed with the time of night, season and Latitude/Longitude, which is handy because you might have to navigate by them as it takes 45 minutes real time to walk across just one of the five maps. It received poor reviews as a FPS, which isn't surprising because it isn't one. Those that recognized the game as a combat simulator (and were into that sort of thing) loved it despite it's ugliness.

  4. Settlers of Catan A game that proved you don't need intricate pieces and flashy artwork to be a best seller. Gameplay, gameplay, gameplay.

  5. Railroad Tycoon II Yes, honey, I'll be right there. I'm almost connected to Denver....

  6. Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII I've played all of the Romances from Seven through Eleven, and Eight is my hands down favorite. I defy you to name another eight-player RPG/TBS (naming other Romance titles doesn't count).

I realize my list ran over five titles, but I could not bear to leave one of those off of it.
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