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Default "...only solution to game writing is branching."
4. Stories are linear, games aren't.
Actually neither is true. Non-linear stories can be found everywhere. Linear games are everywhere (and are often accused of being linear because they tell stories). And boy do we need to get beyond the archaic notion that the only solution to game writing is branching.
I had been thinking about this a bit even before the article came out, and the only thing I have come up with is Plot Coupons.
Games like GTA IV give you a couple of characters to receive missions from at a time, and with a few missions per character, with you can beat in any order. The story progression for each character is independent, until the next batch of missions. Basically, before the plot can advance as a whole, you have to collect the coupons given by the missions, and when you have them all, you cash them in for the next chapter.
I can't think of any other ways it's been done, other than linear, branching, and this plot coupon-like style. Any thoughts?
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