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The best way to get around making the story you're "writing" is to expand your definition of writing - emergent gameplay is still inherent storytelling, so if you set up a world where things can happen and then allow the player to interact with said world, with several major plots available to pursue based on what happens when, you have the penultimate non-lineality.

Sort of like what Far Cry 2 is doing, as an example.

Writing in games, as I would understand it, serves less to tell the story with authoritive voice than it does to set up an engaging world. So with that definition in mind, it becomes easier to get away from non-linear stories. It just takes a stretch or ten of the ol' conventional storyline orthodoxy is all.

I think what I'm trying to say is that to really get at the heart of making satisfactorily non-linear games you have to accept and work with the fact that everything you do in a game is a form of storytelling - it's archaic at best to view a game as a medium with which to tell stories.
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