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Originally Posted by EvilLlama View Post
Wouldn't the Coupons idea still be linear? Since as I understand it, the coupons unlock a segment of the plot. The player needs to "earn" each advancement, therefore the plot is still linear, just split up.

I've not a chance to play it yet, but what about Zelda Ocarina of Time? As I understand it, Link goes through various stages of his life, kind of like flashbacks. Again, I haven't played it yet, so I'm possibly misunderstanding.

What would REALLY be a nonlinear plot line would be if someone made a game out of Slaughterhouse Five. Completing each successful stage/mission would result in a time warp to some random point in the main character's life (childhood, deathbed, etc).
As far as I understand, the term "linear" in video games is describing the lack of deviance from the plot.

The more linear a game is, the less effect you as a player have on the overall storyline. It's not about the actual story progressing in order on a timeline.

Correct me if I'm wrong.
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