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Originally Posted by EvilLlama View Post
Wouldn't the Coupons idea still be linear? Since as I understand it, the coupons unlock a segment of the plot. The player needs to "earn" each advancement, therefore the plot is still linear, just split up.

I've not a chance to play it yet, but what about Zelda Ocarina of Time? As I understand it, Link goes through various stages of his life, kind of like flashbacks. Again, I haven't played it yet, so I'm possibly misunderstanding.

What would REALLY be a nonlinear plot line would be if someone made a game out of Slaughterhouse Five. Completing each successful stage/mission would result in a time warp to some random point in the main character's life (childhood, deathbed, etc).
I could not imagine Slaughterhouse Five as a game. That would just be one really strange game. Then again, I'm probably one of a small minority who would find a game based on Slaughterhouse Five an intriguing concept.

Originally Posted by Adrir View Post
I don't think event & trigger based gameplay is strictly branched because the triggers and events can occur, in theory, in significantly different orders. Although it can make the story more difficult to follow.
I think in some ways this could be a good thing, as you get to experience the game the way you want to depending on what missions you want to do and when (at least in that particular block of missions). When GTA IV first came out, there was four of us in my house playing it, and we all experienced the storyline with at least some variations, and in a few places in very different order.

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