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Originally Posted by The Jedi Pirate View Post
I could not imagine Slaughterhouse Five as a game. That would just be one really strange game. Then again, I'm probably one of a small minority who would find a game based on Slaughterhouse Five an intriguing concept.
I can think of two ways off the top of my head it could be done.

1) Each mission is a linear task like any other game based off of what happens in the book. However, the missions are shuffled in a random order, so the player experiences a completely different sequence of events each time they play the game.

2) There are certain points in the game that appear in each mission/level. The player can use these points to save their progress in the current mission. The point will then warp the player to another random mission. If the mission is one the player has already started before, they will appear where they left off on that mission. Missions that are complete are eliminated from the program's selection and thus cannot be returned to.

So essentially the game would treat each mission like a card and randomly shuffle the order they are triggered in. The first option is based on completion, the second is based on when they save the game. Of course, in Option 2, it would be up to the designers to convey to the player that they did not lose their progress in the mission and eventually the game will return them to it. Surrounding context, dialogue, soundtrack&audio, lighting&visual effects would have to heavily concentrate to create a subconscious dark but whimsical feel so the player doesn't get frustrated from focusing too much at completing a task that they're getting warped out of.
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