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Default Portfolio Critique

I am not completely a Beginner but i still have to learn a lot.

Hello all,
I am a young 3d Artist working in Game art for the last two years.
Unfortunately two companies went bust just after my probation time, nothing to do with me
Now I work as Freelance Leveldesigner/modeller, but wanne work in a Team asap again.
I want to take a big step and apply to companies in US/UK/CAN/AUS.
I am not very specialised, since I had to do in the Companies what had to be done.
That was from texturing over modeling to Level- and Characterdesign and even Gamedesign.
And I taught myself Max and XSI.
So you see, I am versatile, but have to focus on an area.
My question is, could i apply to Positions as Junior Artist, or environment artist or Leveldesigner?
Is my Portfolio sufficient for that, which work would you leave out, how is the structure, do you like the look, shortly said, what do you think?
I am very thankfull for any feedback. So feel free to go crazy.
Thanks for your help and greetings from Hamburg, Germany.
The site:
(please click the pics individually, there is an error in the code for the lightbox that I am tryin to fix)

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