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Default Calling all graphic designers and artists!

I am really not sure is this is the venue to be making this kind of request. If it's not, at the most could someone point me to a website/forum where I can get some help?

Anyways, I am looking for someone to make up a sprite or a classic LucasArt's type character of myself, using a real life picture as a reference, so that I may put it on my business card and portfolio. Nothing too fancy, but most definitively memorable. Something along the lines of the original Guybrush Threepwood or even Bernard from DOTT.

I could possibly donate about $20 for the work and effort, and link your portfolio on my blog, or drop your name/website if I am ever asked who did it for me. Other than that, I really don't have much else to offer. I am hoping to connect with a real dedicated artists who could take the time and effort to help me out.

Again, if there isn't anyone here that can help me out, does anyone know of a proper forum where I may seek someone out that can?

Much thanks in advance!

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