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I can help answer some of your questions with what I know:

Originally Posted by motifated View Post
1. is it too late for me to pursue the gaming industry? i'm 22 yrs old now, and in my elementary and high school days , my school really didn't show any promising teaching when it comes to computers, codes, and i've only studied in a home study program coz of my job as a musician really conflicts with the working hours and school hours.

i know that in this biz there's a lot if different fields too right? you have the audio/music dept, the designers, the programmers, etc..and i'm thinking highly of the programming dept. it's a shame to say i don't have enough knowledge for now specially about codes, but i'm really determined to learn and as i;ve said before, my schooling didnt help me that much. about computers, i've been around, but really in depth, i've used macs and pc's and can pretty much solve any problems that occur with them. i've learned some in's and out's thru self study and research.
I believe its never too late to jump into something you are passionate about.

Originally Posted by motifated View Post
2. schooling..where to study? is online studying be recommended? is self study be advisable too? given that i'm in asia..also i've heard that gaming in japan is really something so that's my target.
From what I've seen industry experts say, try to learn as much as you can by yourself, buy books! make use of the Internet! And if there is a college near you that provides game-related (or computer) courses, take them!

Originally Posted by motifated View Post
3. would the programming dept be recommended? i mean, for me that barely knows codes, would it be much easier if i pick the audio dept? is the code learning really that hard or brain cracking?
In my experience audio and sound requires programming (directx, etc) as well, however I am unsure of how much it requires compared to level design, physics, etc.

Bottomline is if your serious about getting into the gaming industry, start now!

I hope this helps.
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