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I don't often voice my opinion about articles, but for this one, I want to.

I actually disagree with the author, though I was super excited for her to write this op-ed and read what she had to say.

Identity is not something that should or can be ignored. "Otherness" should not be ignored. I think this is especially true in a political setting, but also in creative ones. Identity does not always have to be front-and-center, but I believe people have to accept their identities and those of their co-workers and neighbors as factors in who they are, how they think, and the decisions they make.

People are different, and saying "who cares?," in my opinion, amounts to saying "let's put those differences aside" -- which in turn means the dominant culture or identity (in America, white straight Christian males) is taken to be the baseline.

That point of view numbs the multiculturalism that otherwise enriches our culture, broadens our ways of thinking and being, and makes us more accepting of others.

I think it does matter that we talk about identity, especially in an industry like game development that contributes to our collective pop culture AND is male dominated.

Brathwaite's article teases this notion a bit, and I'm not sure how much of her article is satirical (the part where she asks about maleness is meant in jest, as she mentions).
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