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One of the impressions I got from the article was that it is the attitude of a small number of individuals and horror stories that seems to create the perception of widespread inequality. As pointed out in the article, it wasn't something Mrs. Brathwaite thought about often and it didn't have any significant negative impact on her career.

Based on this assumption, wouldn't it be more worthwhile to figure out the root cause? Do businesses and the industry itself present that many barriers specifically to women? Is it simply that female game developers have to be female gamers first? Are young women pressured out of playing games by their peers? Are the games today that repulsive? Do they present barriers? What exactly makes the games industry unattractive to a large number of women? Why do alot of my female friends pride themselves on their fashion instinct and their creative ability, but have never considered a career in an industry driven by the current "flavour of the month", creativity and imagination? Is the technical side emphasised too much?

I'm also confident that if there were more women in this industry, then the industry might be better equipped to develop new innovations. Having that more diverse team and deeper level of insight could trigger what it takes to make games that interest more women.

Unfortunately, my train of thought is quickly spiraling into a bit of a paradox. If todays games don't interest women, then they don't grow up to become developers, but without female game developers, then making games that interest women is that much more difficult!
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