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Originally Posted by ronnoc10 View Post
Well, that's a completely different message than I got from the article. I felt that she was recognising people's differences, through her interviews with male developers, but arguing against obsessing over them. ONce you start sticking people in boxes, such as 'female game devloper,' you fail to accept their unique identity.
I agree with you.

While you must aknowledge differences between genders, races and sexual orientations, you should not put a label on a person because of a part of his or her identity and think that, because she's a woman or because he's gay, she thinks that way and he works that way.

What Mrs. Brathwaite said is that she doesn’t consider herself like being just a woman in the game industry. She is a lot more than that. Yes, being a woman is a part of her whole identity, but it's just a small part of the much more complex reality that is Mrs. Brenda Brathwaite. It's the same for everyone. The identity of a person is based on so many factors. It's defined by age, gender, cultural context, social class, specific background, origins, personality, etc.

If people were getting obsessed just by the fact, for example, that you have blond hairs, or that you are tall, you could get bored after a while. I think it is what Mrs.Brathwaite tried to highlight.
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