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To say 'who cares' is not a call to not recognize. It's a call to ignore inherent separatism - any discussion that focuses on the vices and virtues of majority A vs. Majority B will be detrimental at some point - like Sharon was saying, you go to far to give special treatment to minorities. That's still racism. The whole point was to eliminate special privileges for straight white christian males, but you're doing everyone a disservice by classifying these people as separate from those people, give the minorites a leg up. They're still minorities. They are still primarily viewed according to the very traits that were used on principle to decry the original racism sin.

I've seen enough people bleed to know that it's always red. I've saved enough people's lives to know that we are all the same as we lay dying. It's only when you can recognize that the iraqi farmer was really just trying to feed his family, that you'd be doing the same thing in his place, (and conversely, the soldier was just a kid from iowa trying to defend himself), that it becomes clear what the real issue was - separatism. Some flimsy notion of how you're the good guys, they're the bad guys; we bring freedom and civilization, and they're a bunch of religious whackos bent on world suffering. We wear green and they're all brown in man dresses.

'Who cares' is the only approach that offers a solution. Even if you want to talk about how a woman is an asset in and of herself to a game development team, it IS NOT because she's a woman - it is because of perspective. It's analogous to someone growing up in a large family, or growing up poor, or growing up in another country, or being disabled.

I think that to disagree with brenda's opinion on women in games, and I mean no offense here, is to not be thinking the larger issue through to it's logical conclusion. Brenda offers a unique perspective on game development that hopefully was recognized by the people who pay her, but it's a product of what she brings to the table from perspective, not some benevolent form of sexism. I have the same card to play; I have extensive real life experience in military conflict and black ops, so hopefully the next big "super soldier black ops rambo clone" sees the value in hiring someone like me. But it's not reverse classism, that I am a 'soldier in games' versus someone who never served. It's an offering of my perspective.
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