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Originally Posted by MessiahSimple View Post
it's a product of what she brings to the table from perspective, not some benevolent form of sexism. I have the same card to play; I have extensive real life experience in military conflict and black ops, so hopefully the next big "super soldier black ops rambo clone" sees the value in hiring someone like me. But it's not reverse classism, that I am a 'soldier in games' versus someone who never served. It's an offering of my perspective.
I agree about perspective. Perspective is precisely what people do have to offer when their identities are acknowledged.

I also agree with some of the other respondents that pieces of one's identity, such as gender or class, do not have to be paraded around -- but they should be acknowledged. Acknowledgment and flag-waving are not the same. (Then again, if we never have any flag-wavers, we hardly ever see much progress...)

This is a very big topic, and we're only exploring one part of it here, so feel free to parse it out into separate threads if you would like to discuss it from another angle.
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