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I apologize if my previous post sounded somewhat harsh. I do see your point about perspective. And true, the statistics are there to back it up.

Essentially, I've gone to an all girls' school since first grade. Women are underrepresented! Women earn less than men! Women are oppressed! Has pretty much all I've been hearing for the last 12 years, not just for games. So I've been whacked over the head with it probably more than other people have.

I remember one assembly we had around 5 years ago, where a few successful businesswomen came in to talk about their careers. One question they were asked was "As women, tell us about the glass ceilings you've encountered. Did you find that men were less willing to deal with you?" or something along those lines.
There was a slight pause, then finally one of them spoke up "uhh...from my experience men actually like talking to women." It was almost as if because they were successful women, they were required to have had to deal with sexism, overcome it, and offer advice to the next generation as if they were female reincarnations of Gandhi. I just don't think that expectation is really all that fair, and I think that was the point Ms.Brathwaite was trying to make.
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