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I agree with Brenda about Women in games-- who cares.

As a female game designer (with a BSC in Comp Sci), all it comes down to, to me at least is whether or not my coworkers are accepting of my ideas and value me as part of their team. I work with great people who love games and who love to make games and I'm grateful that they do value me as part of the team.

It doesn't really bother me that I'm the only female game designer here, and I don't know that many. What I do hate are people who think that women have it easy because they're women. I worked my ass off to get this job, and I deserve it, much like my male coworkers.

Or, I also hate that when I was at VFS for Game Design, one of the females in a class after me said that it would be easy for us to get a job because we're women. A few of my other classmates thought so as well. I guess we just want to be recognized for our talents more so than just being a women in Games.

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