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Default Business and Marketing related positions

Hello, this is my first post here

Basically, I'm a fan of videogames and am quite literate in the industry.
However, my current university path won't really allow me to get the positions directly related to the creation of videogames (programming, graphic design, etc.). I'm a business and economics student

What are the usual experiences or requirements to land positions related to the business, management, marketing and even public relations within a games company?

General business experience, or something specific in the field of interactive entertainment?

My only "experience" in the field so far was helping out in different tasks for several amateur video game development projects (like those using pre-constructed engines such as RPG Maker). I created their websites, composed soundtracks in general MIDI, and even did a bit of artwork and storyboarding.
Overall, I helped promoting and advertising the games (although they were free games, but you know, ranking, fame, all that is important ^^ ).
It's all amateur and no specialized work, but I thought that might add to my CV or portfolio.

What else could I do, as a business school student?
Should I just follow the mainstream (internships at consulting, advertising and marketing companies etc.) and get some general business experience, or should I already start looking for something significant within the game industry (even at project level)?
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