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kk Thanks, for those who own an xbox 360 I've just posted my Braid review

here's the opening

"Individuality, bit of a mixed bag really; for all that applaud such 'special' qualities, there's the stick waving mob ready to roast the Ogre. Think about it Gandhi, JFK, Martin Luther King heck even Jesus! I'm sure you've noticed the common pattern; and gaming too has its own fair share of gaming casualties, Psi - Ops, Beyond Good and Evil, Ico, to name but three, all sporting the 'individuality' badge. Braid almost aware of this, treads an uneasy path between freak or unique within the gaming world"

To read the Full Review Click Here

Speaking of my blog do you think the reader ship would like a editorial or some more game topic posts rather than reviews, Im considering adding it to make it feel more of a magazine, but would love to get feedback as always.

Thanks again

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