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Default Case in point

Well, unfortunately when I was in school, I tended to think way too much about what major I'm in and where it would lead me. Though the truth is it really doesn't matter. Just make sure you stay above a 3.0 and really spend some time on your essays because getting into the industry requires some strong writing samples.

As for your writing samples, here's what the interviewer at Ziff Davis said to me: "Good writing is like ****, you know it when you see it."

And I am by no means a good writer, I just felt like interviewing because of my interest in game journalism.

But I suppose to best suit your needs, take a look at some job postings and see what some big publishers want.

Here is a posting for Gamespot preview writer via CNET Careers.

Job ID: 0107100408006
Assistant Editor I, Console Previews

The assistant editor will be responsible for contributing directly and regularly to GameSpot's editorial previews of upcoming game products by writing preview stories, playing games for previews, attending preview-related events, meeting with industry partners such as representatives from game developers/publishers/public relations, and contributing to preview-related interviews.

The assistant editor will also be expected to contribute to the GameSpot editorial product in other ways, such as writing product reviews, contributing to written feature stories, or appearing on-camera for video features or preview-related interviews. The ideal candidate will be ready to tackle a hefty and steady stream of previews, preview-related visits, and preview-related events each week. The candidate should ideally be available to work 5 full days a week. The associate editor should have a great deal of experience with, and a strong working knowledge of, modern games on all console platforms, including the Xbox 360, the PS3, the Nintendo Wii, the PS2, the Nintendo DS, and the Sony PSP, and should be able to write knowledgeably and clearly about games on all platforms.

The assistant editor should possess strong writing skills and should ideally have two years' writing experience, preferably in the area of writing about games in a professional setting, and should be finishing or have finished a university bachelor's degree. The candidate should be enthusiastic, have a strong work ethic, excellent time management skills to juggle multiple projects and never miss deadlines, have good people skills and experience working in a collaborative setting, and above all else, should possess a strong willingness to learn new things.


The assistant previews editor will be responsible for 3-5 regular game product preview assignments per week in a timely manner.

The assistant previews editor will be on call to attend events that may be local or require travel.

The assistant previews editor will be expected to contribute to additional duties, such as writing occasional product reviews, appearing in video features, or contributing to feature stories.


Have completed or are completing a BA/BS university degree or equivalent 4 years' worth of higher education, preferably in English, Journalism, or other writing-related field. Formal writing training a plus.

Preferred: two years previous writing experience on game product reviews. Writing samples encouraged.

Preferred: one year previous experience working for a world-class gaming editorial organization.

Must be highly organized, detail-oriented, and able to work with multiple teams at once, as well as able to juggle multiple projects at once

Effective scheduling and time management skills a must; prior experience in project management strongly preferred

Strong personal rapport and communication skills.

Of course these arn't set in stone requirements, but make sure to build proper experience so you can wow them in each of the qualities they're looking for.

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