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Originally Posted by Donnyp View Post
I need to ask how one gets into Voice Acting. I've been looking frantically for information how to get into the field but always come up with get into this then this. The problem i have is the Schools where i live dont support Voice Talent teachings only audio design and such. I read i should get a job on a radio but most the stations here are not hiring right now and probably wont be for a long time. I come from a semi poor family due to it being a big family soo i cant travel to get better teachigns in Voice Talents. Aside from being one gaming company here they get all they're voices from outside sources which is what i would assume for many companys. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Im enthusiastic and can control my voice quite well be it fooling around with friends throwing on accents or reproducing whats being said in video games.
If you're at school or university, then set up your own radio station. You could also make mods, or get involved with an existing mod, where you did your own voice acting.

Freelancer was an awesome game for voice acting since there was alot of ambient radio chatter. I believe LancersReactor does alot of modding for that game. You might also want to check out games like Unreal, since you could proberbly come up with a load of interesting taunts!
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