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Question What type of art is this? (pics)

I like modern art, design & style like this: (i'm not expert or anything it just catches my eyes)
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I'm not sure if "art" is what I should be looking into or not. I don't really consider it one of my passions but I am pretty gifted in it and have not really tried anything with it. I'm a pretty basic drawer but I pay attention to details. My main passion is Astronomy, I still like art though. My school consular is an idiot but I'm looking into Virginia Tech (I'm in Richmond) but I'm not sure if interior design would do me any good for doing virtual art. If you've played Elder Scrolls: Oblivion IV or Mass Effect I basically want to know what was required of the guys who did the structures to the buildings and environment from the artistic point. Whatever they had to do is what I planned to do.

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I'm not sure if you guys ever considered mixing real world architect with virtual architect/design but basically I'm trying to see what would be the best way to do this. Should I take interior design first then some regular art classes.. do they both brush on one another as separate subjects? I've been taking regular art since the third grade and they've never really gone into real details towards interior or architect subjects is that typical? What would you suggest someone take in order to get proper skills to do what was done in games like Mass Effect (concept/futuristic art) and general modern arts? Should I even be taking arts at all or something different? I seem to like the environment more in games.

I preordered the game and got the extra content dvd but it does not go deep into what I'm asking about here. Can a dev or someone in the industry PLEASE comment on this I've asked before only to get no response.

Thanks, Ron.

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