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sorry for the double post, the article is now up on the blog, and covers the whole downloadable content pricing debacle that has kicked off.

Here's an excerpt

"Adidas 4 stripe' trainers, Nicks bag and le shark T - shirts! to say I was sponsored by a market stall in my youth was an understatement! You see for my mum it was value for her money and while this may be true; being asked if I sold the Big issue by countless classmates didn't help to reassure me that I'd been wearing 'quality' You see price, value and quality are so concretely linked, that depending on your definition of each, your level of satisfaction is based... For some reason Microsoft have seemingly forgotten this.

Microsoft's prize Bull of this holiday season has been the 'Summer of Arcade', with game quality each week being sublime - ranging from the guts and glory bionic commando through to the psychedelic genocide offered up by Galaga. Microsoft though has inadvertently thrown a spanner into its own machine; Namely through the nonsensical pricing policy!"

To read the full article read Gameztraffic here

Thanks again for the continued support and happy reading

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