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Rather than post seperate threads for each review i think its better if i keep them all in one.

Can I just say thanks for all the positive feedback I've got regarding the reviews and with that in mind here's 2 more!

here's some excerpts
"Space... The final frontier, As Captain Kirk or Picard (depending on your age ) utter those immortal words they hit a chord in our soul, demand we ask ourselves the question 'Is there anything out there?' Galaga Legions Boldly answers the question with a psychedelic assault on the gamers' eyes shouting 'Yes there's bloody millions out there... prepare to engage!'

Galaga legions, is the next title released in the 'Summer of Arcade' promotion and comes from the same team over at Namco, who were behind Pacman Championship Edition. Anyone familiar with that title will know how they reinvented the game both visually and through refining the gameplay, yet subtly retaining enough of the original to make it recognisable to the audience. Galaga legions is no different."


"The Wiimote has become accustomed to its fair share of plastic gimmickry, Golf club attachments, Tennis racket attachments heck even a lightsabre attachment can be found! They all, however share the same trait, that they are pretty pointless addition not giving any benefit to the gamer.

Nintendo like a ray of hope touted that it was releasing a gun attachment 'The Zapper' , turning the Wiimote into a masterful Lightgun. The problem with this attachment was that it was no better (although the addition of Zelda Crossbow training made it a bit more palatable). Worse the Zapper made the gamer hold it like an arm crippling rifle maybe in a nod of respect to the mutilating terror which was the Super scope!"

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