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Originally Posted by TimEdwards View Post
Er, you'd like to work for publishers? (Edit: This isn't meant to be a snarky remark. I assume you like their IPs or corporate culture, and I am curious.)

I've always entertained fantasies of working for Blizzard, Ubisoft Motreal, Ubisoft Casablanca (less so now, as I'm not a big fan of their recent work), NeverSoft, Nihilistic Software, TakeTwo Boston, Team Bondi (I actually know a guy there :P), and Monolith Soft. As for games, I love RPGs, 3rd person shooters, platformers, and pretty much anything, except I'm not as big on are FPS, or non-combat/arcade racing and I'd activity dislike working on a MMORPG. I'm also a bit of a Fantasy/Sci-Fi person, and I'm a huge Horror fan, to the point that I'd likely choose to work on a horror game above all else.
Realistically, I'd work for anyone who'd take me. :P

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