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Unhappy Damn Long Meetings!

Hey everyone!

I had a brilliantly frustrating day today full of joyous meetings. It's what everyone wants on a Friday afternoon! In the morning I was playing Systems Analyst on the TAD Project (Teaching Allocations Database), followed by a few hours of solo lab work, then had a lovely afternoon sitting in on the CELCAT (It's a timetabling tool) demonstration acting as a Technical Consultant.

Furthermore, after several long hours of meetings for the majority of the day, the executive team of the Games Society held the first of out official meeting. Since I was recently elected President, it was my responsibility to organise and run the meet. It was fun actually, although afterwards, it was quite tiring.

So, I'm pretty brain dead at the moment. Ironically, the team went with most of the decisions I wanted to go for anyway. Those members of the executive team whose opinion I really wanted to hear, since they were mostly opposed to mine, decided to just send their apologies and not show. Thus, abdicating their right to contribute to the decision-making process.

I also just noticed I spent about 5 hrs 30 minutes in meetings today and while decisions were made, I didn't really do any productive work. What does everyone think of meetings?
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