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Default Say Something Nice

Just because I love an off topic game and need some more random things....and because I feel left out on here...But I like it for the occassional design challenges that interest me.

Anyways Onto the game all very simple you compliment the person above you.

So the first person to post gets to have me to say something nice about.

Originally Posted by Protector one View Post
*non-participating post*
Does Yaustar lose because he wasn't aware Ronnoc10 posted slightly earlier than he did, and thus should have written something about Ronnoc instead of JD? What happens to losers?
No, there are no loosers only winners, because you get to have compliments and be nice to each other... That is a common thing though, people post at the same time, and don't actually realise..most people usually spot the mistake and edit their post, if not it doesn't really matter.

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