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Originally Posted by jillduffy View Post
I will get things started by posing a few questions:

1. What kinds of words or phrases push you to make a game purchase?
2. What is your personal criteria when deciding whether to buy a game: reviews (if so, by whom?), box art, developer or publisher name, something else?
3. Would you use humor in your marketing bullet points for this kind of game? Why or why not? Would you use double entendres or puns?
1. I prefer when they tell us credible facts about their game rather than big marketing phrases that means nothing at all. Also, reviews help me a lot to make a choice... it seems stupid, but when it is wrote on the box: "Award winner" or "Made by the developers of "X" popular game", it has an influence. However, I hate the classic "Game of the year". If it was true, every game on the market would be THE game of the year. We are not that stupid...

2. As I said, reviews are a most for any serious gamer. Casual gamers will not search alot for reviews, but if they heard positive comments about a game, they will check for it. Box art is really important too. It is the first impression. When I know nothing about a game and I'm looking for nothing in particular, I will be more likely to take the box and be interested about the game if the cover art is amazing. Developer (more than publisher) name is important to me, but not really for casual gamers.

3. For a WWII game, I would avoid humor, while there is no humor in the game anyway. Patriotic feeling seems more appropriated. Players of this kind of games want to be taken seriously, I guess.

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