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Originally Posted by T K View Post
For me the player "reigning" doesn't fit with the idea of being a soldier in WW2.

This IS a personal opinion, don't forget.
Yes, but I want you to buy my game! Marketing says if this game can be a success, it will open up a lot of roads for my studio!

I do understand your point. I think incorporating the games name into a selling point is a good strategy, but I didn't want to just say 'The Reign of Honor is about to being.' because that sounds to close to something from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.

Say what you want, fighting alongside your brothers in arms for your country, and for freedom, is neither a selfish nor a lonely sort of act. Comradeship and teamwork are ubiquitous themes in WWII stories.
We don't know anything about the game besides what the challenge tells us. For all you know, it could be about a selfish survivalist attempting to flee from the harbingers of the Reign of Honor.

From my understanding of the challenge (and I wait patiently for Jill to lay down the executive beatdown), it's a marketing challenge, not a design challenge. The marketing department isn't allowed to just invent things to add bullets to the back of the box, they have to work with what they are given. If we are allowed to invent features, it no longer is a marketing challenge, but a design one.

Dreamshade has a good point. I've been reading the backs of the boxes I have lying around, and none of the would sell the game to me. As he pointed out the Madden (US/AU)football series, like most sports games, come out procedurally, with few innovative fetures add from year-to-year. People still buy them.
I looked to my sports games, but I do know how little they change, and haven't bought one for a long time.

FIFA '95
-Lightning Fast Gameplay- Faster Dribbling, Faster Passing, and faster shots than in '94
-New Player Controls-Pinpoint Passing Accuracy, Improved Shot Control, Even Blazing Give-And-Go's Make FIFA '95 A Whole New Game.
-New Player Artwork and Animations-Volleys, Half Volleys and New Player Artwork make FIFA More Lifelike Than Ever.
-More Aggressive Computer Opponents-Goalies Attack Breaking Forwards to Cut Off Angles. Defenders Play Tight "Heads-Up" D.
-Full Season League Mode-Multi Game Injuries, Yellow And Red Cards Suspensions And Full Player Stat Compilation.
-Customizable Victory Celebrations-You're In the Crowd With a Drum, Siren Or [lack of comma theirs] Just Wail With A GOOOALLL! (Note: this is amazing marketing right here. All you can do is hit A for a Drum, B for a Siren, or C for a goal-yell. They don't lie, but it definetly sounds better than it is.)

NHL Hockey
-The Only Game To Score With the NHL!
-Includes all 22 NHL teams and 2 all-Star teams - each skater modeled on 14 different attributes, such as scoring, skating, aggression, and rink awareness. -All the fast-paced action of real hockey - superior skating, body checks, and ballistic slap shots.
-Watch out! Slashing, holding, and tripping will earn you some time in the penalty box - if the ref sees you!
-This game has all the details down, including instant replay, scouting reports, [lack of 'and' theirs] realistic sounds -booing, cheering, clapping, and dynamic crowd reactions. (I've played this game for years, and I've never seen a scouting report...)
-Slip one past the goalie and you light up the bard - it takes sharp skills and skates to succeed in this league!

RBI Baseball '94
-Gameplay that's twice as fast [bold, underline, and italics theirs] as RBI '93 with rotoscoped animation for incredibly lifelike movement of runners, batters, and the pitcher!
-On-screen baseball card-style player pictures with their '93 statistics -MLBPA licensed, which means over 800 real players from 28 real teams.
-More and higher quality music, voices and sounds [lack of comma theirs] - featuring audio play assist by Jack Buck. (Once again, I've been playing this for years, and I have no idea what 'audio play assist by Jack Buck' is.)
-Uses the real '94 baseball schedule for a full 162-game season, playoffs and world championship.
-Showcases the new East-Central-West division structure.

Now, if you were to check these against any current sports games you have, I bet they wouldn't be that different.

As long as I'm at it, here's a bunch for WWII shooters.

Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway
The highway to hell cuts through the air in this combat epic that drops you into World War II's largest airborne operation.
Classic squad-based Brothers in Arms combat comes to a new generation of consoles with a new story that follows the 101st Airborne Division in Operation Market Garden, a daring mission to open "Hell's Highway" and swiftly end the war.
Experience new levels of interaction with the squad you command.
Watch your team cooperate like true brothers in arms.
Design attacks with a host of new units, including bazooka, mortar, and machine gun crews.
New multiplayer battles, packed with dozens of players per side, are more explosive than ever.

Brothers in Arms: Double Time
The courageous troops of Brothers in Arms have a new weapon: the Wiimote! -Brothers in Arms: Double Time lets you experience World War II like never before, with an enhanced control scheme designed specially for the Wii.
-You're dropped behind enemy lines in Normandy, where you'll fight one of history's greatest battles through 31 levels.
-Playing as Sergeants Matt Baker and Joe Hartstock, you'll lead your men through an authentic re-creation of the D-Day campaign, issuing orders and guiding your men by gesturing with the Wiimote.
-The battle scenarios have been faithfully reconstructed using official photos, eyewitness accounts, and official military After Action Reports.

Brothers in Arms: D-Day
-The heralded Brothers in Arms combat franchise comes to PSP for the first time with a D-Day campaign built specially for PSP.
-Play as two different Brothers In Arms heroes, Baker and Hartstock, in stories that cover the entire Normandy campaign with a new style of play geared toward portable gaming.
-For the first time, you can command a bazooka team and fire mortar rounds.
You'll also find new weapons, better enemy AI, destroyable cover, and teammates with new abilities.
-When you've completed the single-player mission, team up with a friend for 12 Skirmish missions in 4 co-op game modes. (This one is strange. 'When you've completed the single-player mission?' Is it not available from the start?)

Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood
-Fight actual D-Day battles re-created using thousands of official photos, military reports, and stories from eye-witnesses in this ultra-authentic WWII shooter.
-The next chapter in the epic Brothers in Arms franchise thrusts you into the role of Sgt. Joe "Red" Hartsock, leader of the best of the best, the 101st Airborne's Screaming Eagles.
-Your goal in a series of urban missions: wipe out the last remaining enemy resistance and liberate Normandy.
-Lay down suppressive fire with your fire team, then send in your assault team to finish the job.
-Go beyond the single-player storyline and tackle co-op multiplayer missions or survive a tour of duty through perilous Skirmish Mode.

Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30
Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30
--Immerse yourself in the historic eight-day invasion of Normandy with more authentic sights, sounds, and action than you've ever seen before!
-As Sgt. Matt Baker, you must lead your squad of 101st Airborne Paratroopers through the French countryside, confronting tough choices that pit the success of your mission against the lives of your "brothers in arms."
-Historical events and the true stories you play through will place you on real battlefields - carefully recreated from U.S. Army Signal Corps photos, reconnaissance images, and eyewitness accounts.
-Command a three-man team using intuitive squad controls that are accessible to both hardcore gamers and soldiers on their first tour of duty alike.
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