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Originally Posted by dreamshade View Post
(...) The bullet points are really going to need to be targeted at Joe Maddenfootball who just wandered into Gamestop to do some trade-ins and happens to see the game on the shelf. He's the one who's never heard of the game and is just thinking about it. (...)
You have a good point dreamshade. So let's do some dissection on this Joe.
I guess Joe visits the gamestore because of his human nature, the intrinsic need for GAMES. Now why would he or she choose Reign of Honor?

I liked your twist, ronnoc10. Giving a WWII shooter a geographic and cultural twist could trigger the interest of Joe. The WWII genre is sort of "been there done that" when it comes to the European campaign. To spin further on ronnoc10's Japanese idea, the Honor in the title could refer to the strong notion of honor in the Soviet Red Army. Sort of a "red" twist on the Medal of Honor series.

Well, maybe Joe would not like to play as a communist... He might have enjoyed Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers. The Band of Brothers series utilized the expertise and research found in the book by Stephen Ambrose. I think Joe might be interested in Reign of Honor if it would put him in the shoes of Captain Winters of Easy Company (like in Band of Brothers). Royalty issues aside, the game would have some strong bullet points:

- "You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade, toward which we have striven these many months." (Such a shame this one is already used in the prologue in Medal of Honor)

-Fight your way deep past the Nazi frontier in the legendary Easy Company.

-Based on real events, portraying real people. (ie. something more substantial than "there is a mean guy in Nazi Germany with a silly moustache).

-Explore the European battlefield and the civilians that inhabit it.

I haven't really encountered that many civilians in any WWII game so far. Perhaps they could intrigue Joe's interest? Like in the BoB series, you could have some tranquil moments between the major battles, being greeted by civilians as you liberate towns on your way (Carentan, or even a concentration camp).

What do you think? Would such features interest you, if you were Joe?
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