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Well, you are right. I think that most girls are attracted by MMOs because of the social part of it. There is other free MMOs available too (on the Internet). But it's better to find a game that both of you will enjoy. Not an easy goal though. Some girls like music games (Guitar Hero, Rock Band, DDR), others prefer RPG games, others enjoy strategy games like The Sims, others are hard core gamers (like me, but it is so rare!), and some just despise everything related to video games. It depends all on her interests and personality.

But sometimes, girls don't play games just because they don't even know that they exist and that they could be fun. There is almost no marketing work that targets girls in the industry (I think it will be more usual in the future, but I saw nothing big yet, not even for casual games). Developpers are just beginning (mostly Nintendo) to "make it pink". They begins to understand the potential of that market (so much articles about it those days).

I believe that it's not just a matter of making casual games. There are girls that like action movies and F1 races. But those girls don't play action games and race games because they just don't feel that they are made for them, or that they could enjoy them anyway.

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