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Originally Posted by Roxanne BP View Post
Well, you are right. I think that most girls are attracted by MMOs because of the social part of it.
That I can say is definitely why i like MMOs hehe.

Originally Posted by Roxanne BP View Post
Developpers are just beginning (mostly Nintendo) to "make it pink".
For me I hate that...why the stereotypical clour pink for girls...Not a lot girls like pink. it may get some into playing girls, but that will then just deter others. However, if a girl really wants to play games, then she should just go and play games...

Saying that is a bit of a turn around for me thou. When I was younger i use to play Mario quite a bit, but the ninetendo console wasn't mine, it was my brother's mates so I just took advange of it...But after that it was only stupid small PC games I played, like Barbie, 250 Arcade Games, the Harry Potter games....but they didn't really satisfy me so for a few years didn't even touch games. Not until I met my boyfriend, it was he who opened me back up to games.

But I think what stopped me more, was actually deciding on what genre of games I would like to play, and whether to actually buy a game. That's kinda the smae now. When ever I browse a games shop I'm like that looks good, but would I like it? Is that a game I would play? So because I don't know I just walk out. But, I do like the ninetendo DS, that has opened me up to games, that I can definitely say I like. So developers must be doing something right. And another thing, I've never really liked asking for things off my parents, not things that cost an awful lot of money anyways. That would be why I don't have any other consoles etc.

So I'm I don't really know what types of games I like as such. But I'm just glad I met my boyfriend who opened me up to games again.
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