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Default I need to find a good Design and Animation College(includes pictures of my work)

I'm in big trouble. I've waited too long to look around. I'm a senior this year and I have yet to find a good choice. I've been teaching myself with 3DS Max for about 5-7 months now, but I can't apply for jobs with that. I need to find a good college to go to after I graduate. I live in North Carolina, but I would go any where to further my skills. I want to move to California, so if you can help me out, I'd prefer a college in Cali.
Please guys I need help. All of the prospective colleges I have found say they can't send out information if I graduate in 2008, has to be before that. Any help? I've been looking at USCLA, but I can't find anything on their 3D Design program. Then I heard about Expressions, looked into it, and I was interested.

Also, pictures:
Meh, my mediocre attempt at a T-rex.

Saw an image of a Peace sign made from bullets once, attempted.

The results of my sick, demented mind. Honestly, who doesn't want to see 300 reinacted with turtles. They have the shields, lets supply knives in place of swords.

Lamp sitting on my desk:

Made after I bought it.
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